Monday, August 3, 2009



Based on object design, graphic design is divided into two groups, namely design of bitmaps and vector design . Design work with bitmap bitmap is composed of pixels color and shape of a Raster object. While working with the design of vectors composed of the image vectors or lines.

Bitmap object on the number of pixels in the image influence the image quality, the more the number of pixels that make up the picture, will be more clearly detailed images, the images will appear blurry or rough (juggy) when the number of pixels that make up the picture a bit.

In the design of vectors, the number of pixels does not affect the image, because image composed of vectors that form a line image that produces a solid color. Image display does not affect image quality.

Corel Draw is an application to edit vector-based drawing objects, ranging from a simple logo creation to the making of the illustration is also a complex capable of producing work related to the many manuscript pengetikan such as brochures or layout of page .Corel draw process other than the image-based vectors , is also able to process images based on the bitmap with the results of the program with not less bitmap. No wonder if the Corel Draw application became very popular and much used by the setter and designers to make the results of his work, in addition to the vector processing applications such as Adobe Illustrator.
Maraknya the world's printing services (chart) these days, also open the opportunity for setting the computer services business that serves the making of pre-printed designs, ranging from company logo design, letterhead letters, memos, memorandum, receipt, business cards, invitations, brochures, posters etc. . And Corel Draw is the application that is not foreign and a faithful friend for the setter (designers) to serve the needs of the printing services.